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주먹을 꽉 쥐고

Mesaje : 578
Data de inscriere : 03/02/2011
Varsta : 25
Localizare : «IceBox»

MesajSubiect: K-pop Meme   25.02.11 23:03

Yes, another one.

Who was the first person in the kpop industry to capture your interest?
Daca e vorba doar de o persoana nu o trupa atunci Joon de la MBLAQ.

Was Super Junior, by any chance, one of the first kpop bands you heard of?
Da, dar nu am ascultat atunci cand am auzit de ei XD

What was the last korean song you listened to?
B2ST - I'm Sorry

Do you like a band better if someone in it acted in a show before?
Hm nu neaparat, dar de obicei dupa ce ma uit la emisiuni / alte chestii cu o trupa incep sa-mi placa mai mult.

^ Or does that make you more critical of that person?
Nu lol D:

Do you like actors who try to sing as well?
Nu prea stiu foarte multi dar nu am nimic personal cu ei, nu pot zice ca imi plac sau nu-mi plac lol.

Which company do the majority of your favorite bands come from?
Well sunt destul de amestecate dar in mare parte cube, jype si sme D:

Would you ever stalk your favorite band?
Nu cred, daca i-as vedea vreodata as lesina direct nu as avea timp sa-i urmaresc LOL

When do you get extremely fangirly?
Probabil atunci cand una dintre trupele mele preferate or sa lanseze ceva nou, mv, single, album orice. Sau atunci cand membrii de la una dintre trupele mele preferate sunt prieteni cu alti membrii de la una dintre trupele mele preferate... yeah LOL.

Do your biases change frequently, or do you stay loyal?
Uhm sunt loiala o perioada destul de lunga de timp dar uneori se cam schimba D:

Why do you think some bands always have scandals, while others remain scandal free?
No idea LOL

Are your kpop interests easily influenced by others?
Nu chiar, pana acum am inceput sa ascult doar ce am vrut nu ce ascultau majoritatea XD

Do you like songs from a band, but not the band itself?
Era inainte SNSD, dar acum nu cred ca mai e vreo trupa de genul asta D:

Any idol you think is extremely shallow?
Nu imi vine nimeni in minte momentan D:

Any idol you wish the press would report more on?
^ Same here.

When was the last time you discovered a new band?
Hmm nu mai tin minte lol >.>'

Do you prefer bands or solo artistes?
Bands XD

Which is your favorite variety show out of the three - Star King, Strong Heart or Star Golden Bell?
Nu prea le urmaresc deci nu am nici o idee D:

Do you watch Korean shows on TV (e.g. KBS World)?
Daca as avea asa ceva la TV probabil m-as uita, dar nu am din pacate.

If you could meet one idol, who would it be?
Hyunseung ;----; sunt prea multe motive pentru care l-as alege pe el lol D:

What do you feel about idols throwing away their fan letters?
....o.o nimic? LOL

Do you think that it’s an idol’s duty to make their fans happy?
Oarecum, cred ca da in mare parte.

Where do you get the latest updates on kpop from?
tumblr, livejournal si allkpop.

Who is your current bias?
Hyunseung :3

Do you like multiple bands or one band only?
Multiple bands of course lol D:

Do you like watching Music Bank?
Yep, daca gasesc video-urile pe YT O.O

Which idol do you think would make a good guest on a variety show?
No idea D:

How did you get to know about your first kpop group that you loved?
Am aflat de ei de la Jui XD

^What was the first clip (not MV) that you watched from them?
Ceva din Idol Army.. nu mai stiu exact ce lol.

Any memorable kpop experiences you had with your friends?
No idea.

Has any korean band/artiste ever visited your country?
Din cate stiu eu nu D:

^ Did you manage to see them live?

Would you rather fly to Korea to meet your favorite band or have them fly to your country?
Din motive financiare as prefera sa vina ei aici lol, dar daca as avea ocazia sa merg eu in Korea as merge cu cea mai mare placere.

Do you prefer bands that sing and dance or just sing and play instruments?
Prima varianta lol, desi nu am nimic nici cu celelalte XD

Like me, do you admire guys who rap in Korean?

Which band do you regret not getting into earlier?
B2ST, chiar daca imi plac de destul de mult timp chiar as fi vrut sa ascult mai devreme, de cand au debutat. Si 2PM, nu neaparat de cand au debutat, dar as vrea sa le fi dat mai devreme o sansa D:

If you could meet one band backstage, who would it be?

Do you daydream about korean stars all the time?
....duh LOL

Have you ever dreamt about them?
....same duh LOL ;---;

^ In those dreams, were you speaking Korean or were they speaking your native language?
In mod ciudat vorbeau romana lol, nu stiu eu sa vorbesc pe coreeana D:

Are you anywhere near as tall as your bias?
..e cu 13 cm mai inalt decat mine deci nu? LOLOL

What makes you love your favorite band?
...Tot ceea ce sunt LOL O.O" In primul rand faptul ca sunt foarte talentati, sunt uniti, imi plac personalitatile lor, nu cred ca e posibil sa ma enerveze vreun membru, etc. etc. okay LOL

^ Is there anything you hate?
Nu D:

Do you feel guilty if you stop liking your first favorite band?
Oarecum da, dar din fericire inca imi plac MBLAQ foarte mult XD

Have you ever heard a Korean song you liked on the radio? What was your reaction?
Nu am cum sa aud melodii coreene la radio-ul de aici T.T

And lastly, out of your favorite band, who would you marry, date, have as a best friend, and as a brother?
Marry: Hyunseung, Junhyung & Dongwoon.
Date: ... ^ same here LOL.
Best Friend: Yoseob & Doojoon
Brother: Kikwang.

The most beautiful lie in the world
goodbye goodbye
The words spat out even though your heart is torn apart
goodbye goodbye
The words meaning good farewell
The words that don’t even make sense
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